The threat of unemployment in Nigeria

The threat of unemployment in Nigeria

The Unemployment in our current Nigeria is turning into so alarming that if not anything is carried out to it, it turns into a risk so uncontrollable which historically will bring about chaos, unrest, riots and possibly a revolution.
Unemployment is a wellknown social hassle inside the world over however a strategic authorities or higher put it this way,
accountable government knows nicely to install vicinity tools or a machine so that it will continuously check this menace now and paintings with the long term effect; i.E the opportunity of it escalating and what to do to tackle it.

The Federal authorities of this country Nigeria, has tried to put in  some programmes that I accept as true with are laudable such as the: Subsidy re-investment application (sure-P), the You-Win application, in which youths are being given a reasonable amount of cash of up to N3, 000, 000. 00 to begin up their first rate thoughts /Job. The FG additionally offers NYSC members who're about to graduate loans of as much as N500, 000. 000 to help them start-up a business amongst others which numerous country governments embark upon.
I am quite certain that some of us are a recipient of some of those packages most in particular the positive-P where tens of millions of youths are being engage to work with numerous businesses and parastatals but the unhappy  part of this is that this system lasts for a 12 months and these youths either come to be redundant after this system or they get again to crime (Does no longer make sense).
However, in spite of these kind of efforts,

Nigeria's unemployment charge is reported to be 24% because of this approximately  1 out of each four humans are jobless in October 2013- NPC. This sad and not just sad but that is a hassle we want to test now so that we dont have some other Boko Haram on our palms inside the nearest destiny.
What tips do we have for the government?

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