Getting A a good job In Nigeria, How easy?

Getting A a good job In Nigeria, How easy?

Nigeria, with a consistent boom in unemployment rate nowadays has taken 2nd region in the order of the problems Nigeria is going through apart from corruption. Facts show that over 50% of the current Nigerian youths are unemployed even as an inexpensive percentage are even below hired. This rate rose from 23% in the year 2011 to 29.5% in the year 2013 and now to its cutting-edge rate.
This phenomenon is so ubiquitous that such a lot of employers now capitalize on the unlucky scenario to take advantage of graduates who're seeking out activity. From being underpaid to being under servitude to firing and hiring at will to tax and pay cuts and condescension, this has been the plenty of graduates looking for jobs all over the vicinity /country.
Regardless of most of these, i have heard youths who are even inclined to paintings for no pay or get the ones jobs that are taken into consideration "now not exact" in different to preserve body and soul collectively. It is so unlucky.
... And that is a little description of the current situation in Nigeria but do you furthermore may know that in spite of all this we nevertheless have youths who're innovative, smart, humble and who have networking abilities which can take them to anyplace their goals and expectancies take them.

Check out some person's tale under here:

1) Kunle was a corper who vowed not to spend an afternoon at domestic immediately after his carrier. Upon his discharge as a youngsters corper he immediately secured a job as a protection officer at a monetary organization (humility). He packaged a winning cv prevailing Resume and with stable and sound spoken English started coping with out his resume to customers that have been coming in (creativity). It did not take Kunle  weeks to get a job with four other gives in multi countrywide businesses (constructed community).

2) James a very close friend of mine were given a task in a small business enterprise after which can pay best for his transport but because he turned into a glad-pass-fortunate dude, he kept doing his task and was friendly with each person in the employer. He was additionally respectful however pleasant to his bosses too. Fortunately one in all his bosses got a job in an oil company and in just only three days Femi become summoned to renew work as an analyst in the oil company running under same boss. What were given Femi this task? (mind-set).

3) Olakunle had been searching out a process for over a yr with out results. On a positive day, he were given a textual content inviting him for an interview the second day hours far from the nation he is living. The textual content got here in at 7:00 p.M and the interview became 10:00 am the second day. Olakunle took a chance and travelled down for the task and he resumed the equal day he went for the interview (Ola became a hazard taker).
I ought to move on and on with stories that has been shared with me to make you notice that despite the fact that getting a task isn't piece of cake, there are regulations that nature clearly even work with or extra practically, policies that can manual use in gratifying our lifestyles's functions. Consider me, even in case you do not have those qualities they may be built.
In life, you have to be:

a) Humble


c) Have the proper mindset

d) construct networks

e) Be a hazard taker (Meet with CEOs and talk with them directly)

f) find something doing. Just some thing.

G) Take charge and get help if you sense you need therapy.

This write up is not an all in all solution to getting a activity without difficulty in Nigeria or anywhere in the world, it is just a wake up call to youths to take manipulate in their situation and situations.
Bless you and drop feedback or proportion in case you discover it useful.

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