Few things you ought to do before getting Adsense approval

HI friends few hours ago in my previous article I talked about Few things that will make google to reject your application and now again I'm about teaching you few things you ought to do in order to get Adsense approved very fast for your blog so in case you ve not read the previous articles kindly Click Here to read through it before you proceed here to fully understand it.
At time there's no time, I won't want to waste your time in this post so let's proceed imidiatly to the few things you ought to do first before making use of ADSENSE

1. You need privacy policy Page right in the blog:

The privacy policy page in any blog is One of the general slip-ups that most new bloggers do understand it's value to their blog toward ADSENSE approving their blogs . Regardless of the way that there are so many people out there who severely say that having a privacy policy page for a blog doesn't look good or matters much in anyway , well they are just erroneous!

Because The main chief thing you ought to apply for Google AdSense and get support or approved very very fast is the insurance approach the privacy policy of your blog or webpage. If in any case you don't have it, my dear I tell you today you can't get approved or support essential is that.

Do you know Why is it basic?

It's do need of AdSense and besides, this privacy page approach suggests to Adsense that you are not a trap and gives the sentiment a certifiable business. Google will check the straggling leftovers of the conditions just in case you have this course of action.

The privacy policy page of your blog can truly delineates to your perusers about what and everything they will get on your very own blog , some of the things they ought to do and the things they ought not to do. So plainly there is nothing repulsive in having a privacy policy page right on your blog. While it can impact by some methods on your AdSense support or approval , you ought to give it a shot or try.

Making privacy policy page isn't that hard to do as You can make it yourself or find privacy policy Generators on the web or internet as they are many of em, You needn't trouble with a lawful counselor at any rate.

2. You also need set up of Contact us webPage also:

Well to be frank, It's obvious that everyone has their own particular decision or opinions, and in that case What one of your perusers or reader inclinations is, may in some cases inconvenience someone else. By then it is perfect to allow them to talk up to you and advise or tell you what / how they feel concerning your weblog, to let you know what should be adjusted , what they favored or disdained in your blog and that's one of the reasons behind the contact us page.

As you can see the contact us page is very important, if possible incorporate your email that you gonna use when applying for the Google AdSense. If possible too, I will advise you to do get your self some self custom email address like contact@yourdomain.com and also try much as possible to add some of your social media profiles like a link to your facebook profile or page , Google Plus profile, twitter handle and many others. because By making all this things means you are actually advising or telling Google that you do care and tend to your blog customers, visitors and also that you are set up to help them and they can always get to you.

This will also similarly tell the Google AdSense Amass or their team that is to review your site that you truly consider your perusers too and not just only the the cash you can procure or the AdSense it self.
NOTE you can check out my own about us page at the top or bottom to find out or see a topical example of what I'm talking about

3. You need to Create Amazing / quality and professional content:

Here The only number one thing you really ought to do before you can talk of applying for Adsense is to first of all create some amazing and high quality with professional write up content and to be sincere even if you happen to ignore others, This one is the basic thing which you can't neglect it at any cost.

Google do values much the blog which can give first class or professional content to their visitors. Now again note that your application must be reviewe or investigated by human beings and not bot as some people use to deceive their blog visitors,and you have to motivate them in order to get endorse by AdSense system.

some features of high quality or professional content

# it is always intriguing and very much original, to make a high quality content you must write them your self and at least 1000+ words per article

# it should contain genuine headings and slug records and very clear to understand

# you must make it free from sentence error and some spelling mistakes, you should write and proofread before you publish it

# it is adequately long enough to human understanding, don't just write about 50 words and call it a blog post, you must at least write up to 1000+ words in each article and make it to be useful information and not just any invaluable article

4. Try to also Make an About :

Just like the contact us and privacy policy pages , you ought to create also an about page with the
objective that you can get approved very easily, as it also exhibits the Google Adsense team that there is a bona fide individual behind the blog and not just something else.

And again the About us page here has an imperative great part here and centrality paying little mind to the likelihood that you would favor not to apply for AdSense. In any case, with respect to AdSense, they are around zero chances of getting supported or approving your application if you are not exhibiting this page.

And again the About page essentially delineate you and the blog you operate ,which will simply help you also to develop a strong relationship with your blog readers or visitors and in anyway it will also make them to have much trust in you.

Hope you enjoyed this article today? Well this is not just all, I just have to stop here today for now, later on in my next article I will teach and tell you more and more things you ought to do before applying for Google Adsense in order to easily get approved by their team. Thanks for reading this article please use the comments section to appreciate my writings and don't forget or histate to ask me any question, i will be happy to answer all your questions, have a nice day ahead and don't forget to share it with your friends and family

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