How I finally Restore all My Erased contact

HI friends today let me teach you how to Restore back your erased or delete contact if you mistakenly loss any of it ,but first of all you have to make sure you are using a Google contacts

Recently just a day before yesterday being the Christmas day, in that very morning I picked up my handset to do some calls at least to wish some of my friends Happy Christmas Day and to my greatest surprise ever, launching the contact application in my phone as usual imidiatly realized that I had just around 10 contacts left in my handset let well enough alone for the hundreds of contact I have had in my telephone directory.

As yet Attempting to comprehend exactly what was happening to my Android handset , I quickly rushed out to checked my other android to my greatest surprise again then I saw a similar thing All of my contacts were no more and no were to be found The main five remaining contact I saw in my phone then were just the few contacts i saved in my iCloud account.

It then unfolded on my that the Android telephone I offered out to somebody ,a very good friend to me the earlier day still had my Google account in it and then that my friend had proceeded to erase each contact in it.

And Since my Android device and the iOS gadgets all utilizes Google contacts, so erasing or including any new contacts with one telephone is naturally synchronized crosswise over the other different gadgets which is very useful and vey important for everyone.

Now let's look at How I finally got back the already erased contacts

Using Google contacts to install your contact is very useful because The fortunate thing about utilizing Google contacts is that you can simply reestablish or get back your erased contacts anytime.

1. First of all, you have to Go to via your phone or or PC browsers, any browser of your choice

2. Then take a very close look On the left sidebar on your device screen , then that's not all yet, kindly tap on More,you get to see another pop-up, then finally tap on Restore contact

3. Note once you tap on Restore contact The new popup window will gives you diverse Restore or reestablish choices or options, and the next thing to do is to Pick out any of the given options that do suits your need and the finally tap the Restore catch or button . and you will see all your contact restored as shown on bellow pictures

Then once your contact contacts are reestablished you can then Synchronize your gadget or devices with Google Contacts and they ought to naturally show up in the device or gadget.
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