More things you need to apply before getting Adsense approval

HI good morning friends, like yesterday I spoke about few things you ought to do before applying for Google Adsense which I gave you all some five basic things you ought to do or ensure first of all before getting up to apply for Adsense, and in it I also promise to continue the writing today as I my self was honestly unable to finish the writing yesterday due to my offline work. I could have written this post last night but I was very busy somehow all night and now just like I titled it, I'm going to share with you the remaining basic things you need to first apply before you even think of getting Google Adsense
Now let's go straight to the things you need to consider first off all before applying for Google Adsense

1. Having Some Incredible Number or variety Of articles in your blog

Some times many people do ask, What should be the base number of posts or articles I need in my blog before applying for the Google AdSense? well I must say There is no asserted answer to that and Not by any means.

Because over the years I started blogging I have seen especially settled web diaries with over 200+ articles and still their proprietors are telling me that Google AdSense is rejecting their application saying one thing or the other while some many bloggers too with a fewer articles in their blog sometimes even under 10 are getting their own application approved and they are benefitting of AdSense.

Exactly, what I said that there is no genuine answer to the number of posts or articles you need before applying for Adsense. Regardless, we can just simply anticipate matters.

As demonstrated or verified by my own experience, the best or the appropriate time to send application for AdSense record is the time when you have nothing less than or under 20 incredible quality and fine posts or articles. And those blog articles passages length should be anything less than
six hundred+ words per article (600+ ) and also with a good quality and original and not copy and paste.

A friend of me earlier this year got his AdSense account certified and licensed with just only
5 genuine with 3000 words per article , 115 page view, and just only 2 comments. someone might doubt it, but I tell you this is just the fact.

Some things to easy approval is also sometimes depends on your country or region like my friend who got approved with just 5 post is from the U. S country so country like USA, huiwai, and some others are easily acceptd because Google Adsense is much looking for advertisers from those regions .

2. Upgrade Your Blog Plot or it's designs:

Like As I indicated some time recently, you should make sure that your blog setup matters an incredible well arrangement.

Again An immaculate, capable and brisk stacking blueprint or designs of a blog is very much esteemed by Google.

Like I my self writing this post, When ever I visit any site or blog the primary thing I scan or take a look about is the design given to it.

So to be sincere, You've to make a good early acquaintance or give your blog a very nice designs in order to give your blog perusers nice view and also associate with them.

And again the design given to your blog or it arrangement is the best and most thing you also consider after quality content as I mentioned in above because it's the only thing that addresses your fitness or your expertness , encounter or professionalism and also a cleaned expertise.

When given your blog a design make sure it have some of these features I'm going to list below.

# try to make it Essentially clean and give it a professional design

# try also to make it very Easy for your blog readers to navigate through it.

# a professional blog design should also have proper or Genuine menus at the top and some at the button as you can see in my blog

# make sure to have No purposeless things or are
content that as useful as a chocolate teapot

# make sure to make it available for search engines to crawl it very faster.

# And lastly make it to be very fast in loading

So be very wary since a single thing or a single mistake can execute your chances of getting confirmed by the AdSense.

If you can't afford to maintain good design of your blog, kindly hire a professional designers out there or you can better still hire me for any design at all by using the CONTACT ME PAGE HERE

3. Consider Your Name and type of email you are to use Email:

Before you think of sending your application or apply for the ADSENSE remember to put down your real names and and the email adry you are to use when applying in some adequately and readable zones or part like the about us page and the contact us pages u ve made or create very earlier as It will attest to the Google AdSense team who are to review your blog that you are comparable person who associated or who applied for the AdSense and not some other spamming bot.

And doing This, it will quicken the affirmation strategy or approval of your application .

4. You must have to be 18+ in age before you apply

Sometimes This is one of the mistake many of the new bloggers do make.

Many of them who are under 18 in their age do sometimes create off course or fake their ages in other to get approval and which can letter cause hurt on them.

I always advice people to use their correct age birth to apply for Google AdSense account as there's no age out of getting Adsense account, even if you are 40 or 50 and decide to use ADSENSE u can still use it.

So today in my article I urge you to be exact while composing your age.

5. Another useful thing is to note Your content Sort or Its types**

Here I also urges you to Be much vigilant with your content type and the kind of the contents you are circulating or publishing to your blog .
Getting an Adsense fast approval this is also something that truly matters alots.

Make sure you don't publish
Filth or things like the content (porn or sex videos, pictures etc)

Don't post Hacking or write it Instructional activities

There are couple of lingos that are maintained by AdSense so guarantee your blog vernacular that are in the Adsense list.

Other things you can also consider are :

Make sure to Use some top Level domain names like the .com if you are serious

Again consider or check out where you get your traffic From and it's source

And finally if you want to use Google Adsense in your own blog you must again do away with any other ads you have in your blog.

Thanks very very much for reading today's article again please wait for tomorrow, if you do enjoy my writings please invite your friends to my blog and don't forget to use the share button

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