How to create free website / blog with blogspot platform

Blogger or beta known as blogspot is the best free blogging or website hosting platform you can use to start a professional websites or with lots of advantages without having to invest a dime. In fact to create website / blog with blogger platform is good as not missing your morning meals.

Building or starting a professional website or blog with google for free of charge is one of the best advice I will give to anyone who want to own or create a website / blog without having to invest any money.

I don't actually know what brought you to this particular page about creating your professional websites. without investing any amount of money. But I assure you that you will definitely get what you want. so far as it is something related to creating websites with blogger platform. Though there are many other platform out there like Wordpress but you need to invest some little or big amount of cash before your get what you want to your taste. So today I'm gonna be showing you how to start a free blog without having to invest any money.

Note: This post is for the beginners who are looking for a way to create a free blog.

Why should you choose to create websites / blog with blogger platform. ?

I have written an article on A _ z guides on How To start a website. I explained especially on blogger a blog hosted on Google as a platform and also wordpress as a different platform also. And I also discussed their pros and coins.

Now in this article we are going to learn how to create a website using blogspot or blogger as a platform.

There's millions of reasons why you should choose blogger as a platform for your website / blog. I will like to discuss it's features and why you should choose it as a platform once more Again before I proceed.

  • IT IS FREE OF CHARGE: when it comes to creating a professional websites or blog without having to invest, blogspot platform is the best. Unlike the free platform for wordpress, you have access to make money with your blog, design it to your taste with their inbuld tool. You can use tons of already made templates of your choice, free enough space for files etc.

  • NO TRAFFIC LIMIT: with blogspot platform, you need not to be afraid of your website been down. The amount of your traffic doesn't matter as google will take care of everything for you. In the other platform like wordpress, if you don't purchase enough bandwidth your website will be down when your traffic increases. Though that doesn't make wordpress bad.

  • GOOD SEO WITHOUT STRESS: yes google gives you good seo without you having to stress yourself. I took observation few months ago and I realized that google index blogspot post faster than wordpress post. That's personal observation.

  • VERY EASY TO CUSTOMIZE: blogspot is one of the most easiest to customize. You can do magic with blogspot if you understand Javascript, html and css the easiest programming languages. Below are some free tools to help you understand Javascript, html and css better. css programming language app this is an offline app for Android users. With this app you learn all you need to know about css and become a professional. The second one is html tutorial which is another offline android app from the Google Play Store. It's free of charge. It teaches you html, with it you can become advance with html. You can head to to learn any programming language of your choice. Or you can download the offline app for Android phones here on Android store to learn offline without having to connect to the internet.

In fact Blogger have lots of advantages why you should choose it as a platform. I listed every bits of blogger feartures in this article. You can check out to have more view.

How to create websites / blog with blogger platform.

Like I said earlier, creating a website with blogger platform is very very easy. You don't need to stress or go about lots of process. It is simple and easy as A B C. Even if you don't know any programming language, you can still work with blogger because of it simplicity.

Now let's go into steps how to begin one after the other.

Before starting a website or blog, the first thing to do is to plan your blog Or website. Think of what you want to Do with the website / blog and then decide and give it a name.

After the above step and decision on what you want to write about and name you want to give your website. The next thing is to chose your Niche. After you could have done the above, kindly go to At the top left corner of the site, click on login aND you will be prompt to login with your google email (gmail). If you don't have gmail account already then create one But if you have, just login.

At this point look at the top left corner like above image. Click on create new blog and you will see a pop up that looks like bellow image.

Enter your blog or website title in the first box and then the address in the second. The title here means what people see when they arrive your blog and the address simply means the name people will type in their browser to visit your blog / website. e.g my blog address here is ( Then choose any template of your choice and then click on create blog! , now your are almost done.

Note: You can still change your blog template later and that's why I said you should just choose any template of your choice.

How to create websites / blog with blogger platform and design it

The next thing you should do is to Design the blog to your choice incase you don't like the pre-design templates. I have posted tons of premium blogger template for free download here . So you should check out and download any of your choice and then upload it by going to Themes in the left side of the dashboard then then click on upload at the top right corner of the dashboard and upload it. Then start writing articles or post that you want to share online and that's all. Now your blog is ready.

Bellow is a video I got from Harsh Agrawal From , so you can watch it On YouTube to better understand how To create free blog with blogspot.

click below link to watch video

Like I said, I ain't the author of the above video but because it explain almost all most everything I wrote here, I decide to share with you. Have fun!!
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