How to remove pre-installed android apps without root

some of the Pre-installed android apps can affect your Android phone negatively while some in the same can be positive. Some are useful while some are just there taken down your Android phone speed, drain your battery etc. In this article I will show you how to get ride of those pre-installed applications in your device without you having to root your phone. This will help you to free up space For others stuff like games, other apps, music, pictures etc.

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I will start by telling you what pre-installed apps is. how they can affect your device negatively by way of slowing down your Android device speed and how they drain off your battery. Why you should choose to remove them And finally how to get ride off them safely without rooting your Android device.

What are pre-installed android apps?

Now let me start by telling you what pre-installed apps in android phones means. I know there are bunch of articles in the internet this days on how to remove or uninstall pre-installed apps in your Android phone but many of their explained method are to root your device which will give you access to do that. But in my own case I don't advice anyone to root their android device for any reason because it's illegal in some countries and again it can cause damages to your phone if not done properly. I rooted one of my Samsung device I experienced lots shit including hanging which made me to unroot it. Though rooting gives lots enjoyable options if properly done with the right Android device. If you Have been searching for a unique method to expel the pre-intalled or bloatware applications on your Android gadget. Here you ll see how to do that without going against your phone manufacturer policy by rooting your device. I will provide the basic well ordered guide on the best way to remove them safely. Now let's see what they are about. Pre-intalled applications are the applications that comes Installed on your Android gadget when purchased. You will see them the very first time you put ON your phone after purchase. Many of them consumes Lots of space in your Android phone. This can prevent you from installing new apps, games and other necessary stuff you might want to install. Some are needlessly wordy. If you are tecno or Samsung fan like me you will understand what I mean better. But the worst of it all is that They can't be erased By default like other apps which you install By your self. because they are being installed by the company that nanufacture the phone. This companies don't give their clients the consent to Uninstall them but in a away, you can remove them. Like I said earlier, it can easily be done too and even remove the pre-installed apps completely from your phone but I don't advice it. Kindly follow bellow process to get this done easily too.

How to remove pre-installed android apps without rooting your phone

Before you proceed, you must be careful because some pre-installed apps can be perilous to your telephone So before you remove any of them be sure to know what it is. Don't delete the important ones like phone, contact etc as they can prevent you to make calls and other related. Some might be the application that holds some of your telephone's highlights Or important features so be careful. Now to remove pre-installed android apps without root, go to your phone settings > then Application manager > Tap on each Of the ones you want to remove one after the other in the next screen tap on Disable. If you check out your phone you will see that the app is removed from your device. Note: This doesn't uninstall the app like the root method will do. But it is in the same way free up your phone memory and give you space to install other apps, games etc. Benevolently give it a try and in the event that it works for you, sympathetically share your experience via the comments section!.

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