How to install android files in SD Card

Choose to install all your Android files to SD card help increase your Android speed in carrying out task.
This tutorials is base on Android running on version 7 Nougat operating system. I may talk about other versions later. For now let's focus on Android version 7 nougat.


There is many reasons why one may or have to install his android files into SD Card straight away instead of the phone internal memory.
  • when your phone memory is low: like we learnt in this article, I told you how low memory phone can speed if you don't have enough memory.
  • When you have low RAM: you will have to install your files into an SD card when your RAM low, in order to increase your phone speed.
  • when your external memory is larger than the enternal memory. Etc
Now if you have problem installing your Android files into and SD card for those using android version 7 nougat, in this article we shall resolved the issue absolutely with these step-by-step guide bellow.

How to install android files to SD card directly in android 7 nougat.

But before you proceed to the final steps bear in mind, that this method will erase or formate all the data on the SD card. You won’t be able to take it out on another device, unless you erase all of its data.
To do that, first insert your SD card to your phone and go to the “ Android Settings ” on your phone then tap on “ Storage“.
Now the next step is to , select your SD card, it can also be called “ External storage“. So incase you don't find SD card, tap external storage, they are the same.
After selecting the external storage, At the top right corner of your Android screen, tap on “ Storage Settings“.
Then tap on “ Format as Internal“. In the storage setting menu.
Finally, tap on “ Erase and Format “, all the data on the SD card will be erased and a confirmation message will tell you that you have successfully set your SD card for download. Now you are done . Any new apps downloaded will be installed in the SD card instead of phone memory.

Warning ⚠: Do not remove the memory card or SD card from the phone. All installed files on it will be gone until you insert it back.
If you find this article helpful, kindly share with me your experience or ask me questions. Before you exit this page, check out How to increase computer speed
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