Top Essential graphics design softwares

Graphic design has made this days communication more easier than the olden days. Today I am going to list some top essential softwares. that can help you to design brilliant graphics easily.

Before I go into details I am going to talk about what graphics design is all about and why you should go into or learn graphics design packages.


The term graphic design has lots of definitions, but in this article I define it as the process of visual communication using photography and illustration.

People who does this are called Graphic designers. They create and put together symbols, images and text to form visual representations of ideas and messages.

Why should you learn about graphics designs

  1. It is easier to deliver messages: Visual speak louder than than writings. Instead of writing long text to deliver your messages, you simply represent with single designed graphics.

  2. Graphics can attract more than long text: when you represent your message with messages with graphics instead of text, it attract traffic more than text. Not everyone like reading text but with a nice graphics, they can easily understand what you're trying to pass unto them.

  3. it can help you create a nice web layout. In fact it is of grate advantages but I'm stopping here.

Top Essential Graphics Design Softwares

Softwares in this article and Details
Softwares Details
CorelDraw Details
Adobe Photoshop Details
Adobe Illustrator Details
Adobe Indesign Details
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GIMP Details

1. CorelDraw: this is a vector editor that can help you to create infinite designs without any restriction. With it, you can design anything you want in as much as you have the skills.

Presently CorelDraw is one of the most popular graphics editor which many industries utilize. The reason behind this is that, it has some cool advance functions which are very easy to use by both pros and bigginners. Among other vector editors, it is my favorite software.

What You should know

  • The interface customization is ideal. It will take you time to master it if you are novice.

  • The interface design is very fresh and cool.

  • They have some training videos which can be very helpful for biggerners.

though it has all this cool features, there's one thing I don't like about it. it doesn't have Mac version.

The Tools are very difficult to master for newbies, but once you learnt them all, you will make this software your favorite.

2. Adobe Photoshop: adobe Photoshop has made the world of photo editing very easier. This software has some automatic options which can make your photo editing ‘the talk of the town’ if you understand and have the skills. Adobe Photoshop is never hard like CorelDraw which I mentioned. even if you are a newbie you ll find it very easy to learn. You can combine multiple images and even do away with unwanted objects from the image. Unlike the previous software I mentioned, it runs on both Windows and Mac. Photoshop is is the best and considered as one of the easiest graphic design software for beginners.

What you should know:

  • With Photoshop, you can edit VideoS very smoothly.

  • It have advanced tool which are quite effective.

  • It Performance is highly improved and have a friendly interface.

3. Adobe illustrator: This is also a cool vector editor with advanced features like the first program (CorelDraw) but I ain't a fan because of the price which is too high. With it, you can create logos, sketches, typography, icons or even complex illustrations for videos. It has made artwork very easy. You can easily make nice looking web page with it own plugin very easily. It have some features like :

  • The Touch-type tool which is really awesome.

  • The Free Transform tool is very simple to use even if ain't a pro.

  • It runs on both Windows and Mac.

4. Inkscape: this is an alternative to Adobe illustrator. Though it is extremely slow in performance. It is a professional tool for vector art and graphic designers. It Works with both Windows, Linux, OS, and Mac as well. You can find this tool easy and friendly even if you are a novice. It makes it easy to create vector images for a personal blog etc. In terms of sketching, coloring or making illustrations Inkscape is very easy to use.

  • You can directly edit a source code with it.

  • You can move the screen pixels to your taste.

  • It comes with gradients editor also.

  • Fill paint-bucket with one click.

Why Do I like this tool? :

  • It is Absolutely free of charge. Unlike others, you don't need to pay for it.

  • It comes with countless Filters which makes your work easier.

5. GIMP: GIMP Image editor Program alternative to Adobe Photoshop. They both manipulate image in alike manner. This program comes with cool features which are not just ideal for graphics designers but also for photographers. The interface alone can push you to make this program your favorite publishing tool. It comes with total customizable interface and also full-screen mode which allows you to view and edit at the same time it works perfectly on GNU/Linux, OS X, Windows and other OS.

6. Adobe Indesign: this is most suitable the business leader. It is good for creating clean layouts for desktop and mobile devices. You can create layouts for printed books, brochures or digital magazines.

  • You can easily combine text and graphics.

  • The learning curve is very low, ideal for newbies.

  • It comes with unbelievable features.

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