Hello howdy thanks for stopping by!!! This page contains all you need to know about this blog and the authors behind it. My name is Boniface Philips. This is my personal blog and I forcuse on technology tips, Review ,specifications and prices of new mobile phones and computers. I also go beyond common problems of mobile phones and computers and also provide solutions to the problems. Years back in my high school I use to blog on the health niche at suremedicaltips.com. Years later I found my self in love with Technology 😍. My love for technology has made me to start this blog also which really makes me happy. I try my best to provide right information, review about mobile phones and computers that you might be interested on. My aim is to become the world's best number one person when it comes to mobile phones and computers specifications, review and solutions to common problems among them.
More About me Sure you must not know everything about me 😂 😂. I think I have told you much already 🔥but if you care, don't worry, kindly contact me and I will tell you everything you may want to know about me.
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